Volume 14
International Association of Geodesy / Section I – Positioning; Subcommission for Europe (EUREF)

Publication No. 14
– Report on the Symposium of the IAG Subcommission for Europe (EUREF) held in Bratislava, 2 - 5 June 2004
– Reports of the EUREF Technical Working Group

Opening Session

Chairperson: M. Klobusiak

J. Hudcovska - President of the Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Authority click to see
H. Majovska - Director of Geodetic and Cartographic Institute click to see
Z. Altamimi - President of IAG Regional Reference Frames Sub-Commission click to see

J. A. Torres - President of IAG EUREF Sub-Commission click to see

Session 1

Activities of the Technical Working Group (TWG) / Status of the EUREF Permanent Network (EPN)

Chair: B. G. Harsson

1.1 - "Report on the Activities of the EUREF TWG"
Z. Altamimi
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1.2 - "EUREF Terms of Reference"
J. A. Torres
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1.3 - "Day-to-day Monitoring of the EPN"
C. Bruyninx, G. Carpentier, F. Roosbeek
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1.4 - EPN Analysis Update
H. Habrich
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1.5 - "The Implementation of the ECGN Stations – Status of the 1st Call for Participation"
J. Ihde, T. Baker, C. Bruyninx, O. Francis, M. Amalvict, A. Kenyeres, J. Mäkinen, S. Shipman, J. Simek, H. Wilmes
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1.6 - "EUVN_DA: EUREF Action for EUVN Densification - Status Report"
A. Kenyeres, M. Sacher
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Session 2

EUREF Permanent Network - Analysis and Projects
Chair: C. Bruyninx

2.1 - "European Velocity Field and EPN ETRS89 Positions and Velocities"
Z. Altamimi, J. Legrand
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2.2 - "Time Series SP: Upgrades and Contribution to the European Velocity project"
A. Kenyeres
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2.3 - "EUREF-IP Pilot Project - Status Report"
G. Weber, D. Dettmering
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2.4 - "Status Report of the EPN Special Project Troposphere Parameters Estimation"
W. Soehne, G. Weber
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2.5 - "GPS Meteorology in Europe - COST 716, EUREF and EUMETNET"
S. Barlag, J. Nash, H. Vedel, H.v.d. Marel, H.-P. Plag, E. Brockmann
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2.6 - "Alternative Products of EPN Analysis at LAC SUT in Bratislava"
J. Hefty, M. Igondová, L. Gerhatova, M. Hrcka
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2.7 - "Densification of the EPN at a National Level: Stability, Noise and Science Implications"
A. Caporali, C. Facchinetti, G. Gallini
2.8 - "Certification of Non-EUREF Permanent Stations"
J. A. Torres, A. Kösters
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Session ex-GG

Chair:E. Brockman
E.1 - "Report of the Expert Group Geodesy of EuroGeographics"
J. Ihde
E.2 - "EUREF Products - A Draft Catalogue"
H. Habrich
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E.3 - "EVRS Workshop"
J. Mäkinen
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E.4 - "Questions of Standardization, Validation and Registration"
J. A. Torres

Session 3

EPN-related applications and projects / GNSS Permanent Networks
Chair: Z. Altamimi

3.1 - "Near Real Time GPS Zenith Total Delay Estimation in the Mediterranean Area: Results of 3 years of routine processing"
R. Pacione, F. Vespe
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3.2 - "Time Series Analysis of the French GPS Permanent Network (RGP)"
B. Garayt, Z. Altamimi
3.3 - "D-GNSS Accuracy Tests at Bucu EPN Station"
T. Rus, J. Neuner
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3.4 - "Improving L1/CA-GPS Receiver Performance with a Wide Area GPS Network and Internet Technology"
D. Stöcker
3.5 - "Regional Geodynamics Projects in Central Europe and the Alps (CERGOP-2/Environment and InterREG GPSQUAKENET)"
P. Pesec
3.6 - "EUPOS - Initiative for Unified Ground-based GNSS Infrastructure in Central and Eastern Europe"
J. Balodis, I. Fejes, P. Hankemeier, K. Leitmannova, G. Milev, O. Odalovic, G. Rosenthal, P. Pihlak, U. Samratov, J. Sledzinski, T. Rus, G. Wübbena
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3.7 - "Definition of Geodetic Coordinates for the EGNOS RIMS and NLES Stations"
H.-P. Plag
3.8 - "Precise Point Positioning Requires Consistent Global Products."
H. P Kierulf, H.-P. Plag

Session 4

Improvements of the European Reference Frame / Adoptions of ETRS89
Chair: J. Simek

4.1 - "Reprocessing the EUREF GB 2001 Campaign"
M. Greaves
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4.2 - "Zero-order Network of Armenia Connected to ITRF2000 and ETRS89"
L. Jivall, D. Norin
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4.3 - " Realization of a Swiss Combined Geodetic Network (CH-CGN)"
E. Brockmann, M. Becker, B. Bürki, W. Gurtner, Ch. Hirt, U. Marti, A. Müller, Ph. Richard, A. Schlatter, D. Schneider, A. Wiget
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4.4 - "Activities at the Establishment of a New Geodetic Coordinate System in Slovenia"
J. Rezek
4.5 - "A New 10-km GPS Reference Frame of the Republic of Croatia"
T. Basic, Z. Bacic
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4.6 - "Maintenance of ETRS89 in the Netherlands"
J. van Buren, H. van der Marel, A.J.M. Kösters
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4.7 - "Realization of National and European Reference Systems Relationships"
M. Klobusiak, K. Leitmannova, D. Ferianc, J. Kovacik, M. Hudec, E. Salatova
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Session 5

European Vertical Reference System (EVRS) / Height Systems
Chair: J. Ihde

5.1 - "Status of the UELN/EVRS Data Base and Results of the last UELN Adjustment"
M. Sacher, T. Belyashki, G. Liebsch, J. Ihde
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5.2 - "Nordic Height Systems and the Baltic Loop: a Status Report"
J. Mäkinen, M. Lilje, K. Engsager, P.-O. Eriksson, C. Jepsen, P.-A. Olsson, V. Saaranen, K. Schmidt, R. Svensson, M. Takalo, O. Vestöl
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5.3 - "Do We Need New Definitions for the EVRS and EVRF?"
J. Mäkinen
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5.4 - "European Vertical Reference Network (EUVN) Considering CHAMP and GRACE Gravity Models"
Z. Hecimovic, B. Barisic, I. Grgic
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5.5 - "A Decimetre Height Reference Surface (HRS) for the European Vertical
System (EVRS) based on the DFHRS Concept"
R. Jäger, S. Schneid
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Session 6

National Reports
Chair: P. Dunkley / H. van der Marel
6.1 - Austria - "National Report of Austria"
N. Hoeggerl
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6.2 - Belgium - "EUREF Related Activities in Belgium"
P. Voet
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6.3 - Bosnia and Herzegovina - "National Report of Bosnia and Herzegovina"
M. Mulic
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6.4 - Bulgaria - "National Report of Bulgaria"
G. Milev, K. Vassileva, T. Beljashki, G. Petrov, G. Valev, M. Minchev, T. Bochev
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6.5 - Croatia - "National Report of Croatia"
M. Bosiljevac, M. Marjanovic
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6.6 - Czech Republic - "EUREF Related Activities in the Czech Republic 2003-2004"
J. Kostelecky, J. Simek, J. Dousa, J. Kostelecky, V. Palinkas, J. Provazek, J. Reznicek
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6.7 - Denmark - "Denmark"
S. Villadsen
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6.8 - Estonia - "The Fourth Levelling of Estonia"
R. Vallner, A. Rüdja
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6.9 - Finland - "National Report of Finland"
M. Ollikainen, J. Mäkinen, J. Jokela, R. Chen
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6.10 - France - "National Report of France, 2004"
F. Duquenne, H. Duquenne,B. Garayt, A. Harmel
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6.11 - Germany - "National Report of Germany"
Ihde J., Faulhaber U., Sacher M., Weber G., Wilmes H.
6.12 - Great Britain - "National Report of Great Britain, 2004"
M. Greaves, R. Bingley, D. Baker, C. Allison
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6.13 - Hungary - "National Report of Hungary 2002-2004"
A. Kenyeres, B. Takacs, T. Borza, I. Galambos, T. Horvath, G. Virag
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6.14 - Italy - "National Report of Italy"
F. Vespe et al.
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6.15 - Latvia - "National Report for EUREF from Latvia"
J. Kaminskis
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6.16 - Lithuania - "Main Geodetic Activities in Lithuania"
A. Buga, R. Obuchovski, E. Parseliunas, P. Petroskevicius, A. Zakarevicius, I. Dailidiene
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6.17 - Norway - "National Report, Norway 2004"
B. G. Harsson
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6.18 - Poland - "National Report of Poland to EUREF2004"
J. Krynski, J. B. Rogowski, J. B. Zielinski
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6.19 - Portugal - "National Report of Portugal"
M. Vasconcelos, H. Kol, G. Crisóstomo, C. Martins, A. Medeiro, H. Ribeiro
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6.20 - Slovakia - "National Report of Slovakia"
D. Ferianc et al.
6.21 - Slovenia - "National Report of Slovenia"
B. Stopar
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6.22 - Spain - "National Report of Spain"
J. A. Sanchez-Sobrino et al.
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6.23 - Sweden - "National Report of Sweden"
D. Norin
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6.24 - Switzerland - "EUREF'04: National Report of Switzerland"
D. Schneider, E. Brockmann, W. Gurtner, A. Schlatter, B. Vogel, A. Wiget, U. Wild
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6.25 - Turkey - "Turkish Permanent GPS Network: Introduction"
M. Ata
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Session 7

Other EUREF-related contributions
Chair: A. Kenyeres
7.1 - "On the Feasibility of Accuracy Assessment of Upcoming Gravity Field Models by Means of ECGN Array"
J. Kostelecky, J. Klokocnik, P. Novak
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7.2 - "Regional Gravity Field from TOPEX/POSEIDON, ERS-1, ERS-2 Altimetry and BGI Gravimetry Data in the Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea Area"
A. Marchenko, Z. Tartachynska, P. Zazulyak
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7.3 - "Regional Quasigeoid Solution for the Moldova Area from GPS/levelling data"
A. Marchenko, I. Monin
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7.4 - "Gravimetric Quasigeoid of Slovakia"
M. Mojzes, J. Janak, J. Papco
7.5 - "Stochastic Deficiencies using Precise Point Positioning"
C. Völksen
7.6 - "Development of New Real Time GPS Instrumentation for the Measurement of Strain, Detection of Strong Seismic Waves and Attitude Finding"
A. Caporali, A. dalla Torre, N. Praticelli
7.7 - "Automated Digital Camera for Vertical Line Deviation Determination"
J. Balodis
7.8 - "Test of the GPS Dual-frequency Receiver SEPTENTRIO POLARX2 at the Geodetic Observatory Pecny"
J. Kostelecky, J. Kostelecky
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Resolutions / Elections / Next Symposium
Chair: M. Greaves, J. A. Torres
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Closing Session

Chair: J. A. Torres


Posters Presentations

P.1 - "The new Euref-IP NtripCaster at IGNE."
F. J. Gonzalez-Matesanz, R. Quiros, M. Cano, A. Dalda
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P.2 - "Realization of DFHRS- and CoPaG/DFLBF Databases for Albania"
R. Jäger, S. Kälber, S. Schneid, G. Qeleshi, B. Nurce, I. Cekrezi
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P.3 - "Motion of the Earth’s Center of Mass. Physical Principles"
D. Kiryan, G. Kiryan
P.4 - "Some remarks on GPS Tropospheric Delay Products and their Usefulness"
M. Kruczyk, T. Liwosz, J. B.  Rogowski 
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P.5 - "Using Residuals for Improving the Accuracy of Co-ordinate Transformation"
M. Vasconcelos, J. Casaca
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P.6 - "Quality and Latency of the data within the EUREF Permanent Network"
G. Carpentier, C. Bruyninx, F. Roosbeek
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P.7 - "GPS Height and Troposphere Parameter Estimation at Fundamental Site Wettzell"
W. Söhne, P. Franke, H. Habrich
P.8 - "The First Results of EUREF-IP System in Warsaw Metropolitan using BOGI and JOZ2 EPN Stations"
J. Cisak, L. Zak, M. Mank
P.9 - "Accuracy of Regional TEC Modelling Using Near Real Time GPS Data Processing"
M. Figurski, J. B. Rogowski
P.10 - "Some Experiences in RTK and DGPS Measurements Using Internet and GSM Mobile-phone”
J. B. Rogowski, L. Kujawa, M. Leszczynski, A. Rogowski
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P.11 - "Geodetic and Geologic Aspects of the Merano Earthquake of July 17, 2001"
A. Pala, G. Sanna, G. Vacca
P.12 - "Field tests of GPS+GLONASS RTK with NTRIP at the Cagliari Permanent Station"
A. Caporali, C. Braitenberg, M. Massironi
P.13 - "Changes of Bench Marks Heights being the Consequence of Introducing the New Croatian Height System"
N. Rozic
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P.14 - "First Experiences in North East Italy on Production and Broadcasting of RTCM/RTK Data from a Permanent
GPS network"
A. Caporali, C. Facchinetti
P.15 - "EGNOS/ESTB Data Collection and Evaluation at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics"
J. Adam, K. Kratochvilla, P. B. Ober, S. Rozsa, B. Takacs, P. Zaletnyik, S. Soley, R. Farnworth
P.16 - "Common Features of the Sea Level Records from Baltic Tide Gauges"
J. Krynski, Y. M. Zanimonskiy, A. Lyskowicz
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P.17 - "Application of Satellite Navigation Systems in Geodetic and Geodynamic Programmes of the CEI (Central European Initiative)"
J. Sledzinski
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