Volume 13
International Association of Geodesy / Section I – Positioning; Subcommission for Europe (EUREF)

Publication No. 13
– Report on the Symposium of the IAG Subcommission for Europe (EUREF) held in Toledo, 4 - 7 June 2003
– Reports of the EUREF Technical Working Group

Session 1

Activities of the Technical Working Group (TWG) / Status of the EUREF Permanent Network (EPN)

Chair: B. G. Harsson

1.1 - "Report of the TWG Chairman"
W. Gurtner

1.2 - "Todays’s EPN and its network coordination"
C. Bruyninx et al
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1.3 - "Report on the EPN Analysis"
H. Habrich
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1.4 - "Concept and Status of the ECGN Project"
J. Ihde, J. Adam, C. Bruyninx, A. Kenyeres, J. Makinen, S. Shipman, J. Simek
1.5 - "SCIGAL Project: Status"
H. Marel
1.6 - "ETRS89-Certification of non-EUREF Permanent Stations: Guidelines"
J. Torres
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1.7 - "EUREF name protection"
B. Harsson

Session 2

EUREF Permanent Network - Developments and Applications I

2.1 - "EPN Special Project on Time Series Analysis: Status Report"
A. Kenyeres
2.2 - "Re-designed implementation of GOP EUREF local data center"
J. Dousa, P. Soucek
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2.3 - "EUREF-IP for Wireless DGPS/RTK. An Example– Implementation in Madrid"
G. Weber, J. Gonzalez-Matesanz
2.4 - "Toward a Dense European Velocity Filed"
Altamimi Z.
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2.5 - "EUREF and CERGOP-2, a cooperative task for the next 5 years?"
P. Pesec et al.

Session ex-GG


E.1 - "Introduction"
C. Luzet
E.2 - "Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe (INSPIRE) - Geodetic Reference Data"
Z. Altamimi
E.3 - "Geodetic Control Stations"
Habrich H.
E.4 - "Realisation of a web-based Geodetic Information and Service System"
J. Ihde
E.5 - "Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol (Ntrip)"
G. Weber
E.6 - "Validation and Certification Activities"
J. Torres

Session 3

EUREF Permanent Network - Developments and Applications II

3.1 - "Modelling Vertical Site Displacements due to Atmospheric Pressure Loading with the Bernese GPS Software - a Demonstration Using EUREF Data"
K. Kaniuth, S. Huber
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3.2 - "COST 716 - Near Real Time Demonstration Campaign"
H. Marel v. d.
3.3 - "Near real-time tropospheric signal delay from EPN and German permanent GPS sites"
M. Becker, M. Kirchner, P. Häfele, W. Söhne, G. Weber
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3.4 - "ETRS89 Coordinates at epoch 10.07.2002 for seventeen permanent GPS stations in Italy (and additional 22 reference EPN sites in Italy, France, Switzerland and Austria)"
A. Caporali, R. Maseroli, M. Pierozzi
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3.5 - "CH-CGN activities in Switzerland"
E. Brockmann, D. Ineichen, M. Kistler, U. Marti, A. Schlatter, D. Schneider
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Session 4

Improvements and extensions of EUREF / Adoptions of ETRS89

4.1 - "HUNREF2002 Campaign: re-establishment of the Hungarian portion of the EUREF network"
A. Kenyeres
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4.2 - "The Recomputation of EUREF GPS Campaigns in Slovenia"
B. Berk, Z. Komadina, M. Marjanovic, D. Radovan, B. Stopar
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4.3 - "EUREF-SK 2001: Computation and Realisation of the Terrestrial Kinematic Reference Frame for Slovakia"
M. Klobusiak, K. Leitmannova, S. Priam, D. Ferianc
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4.4 - "Final results of the EUREF–POL’2001 GPS Campaign"
L. Jaworski, A. Swiatek, R. Zdunek, J. B. Zielinski
4.5 - "ETRF-Austria 2002 EUREF-Campaign for the introduction of ETRS89 in Austria"
G. Stangl, R. Weber, N. Höggerl, E. Fragner
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4.6 - "ED50-ETRS89 Models for the Spanish Geodetic Network"
González-Matesanz J. Dalda, A. Celada, J.
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Session 5

European Vertical Reference System (EVRS) / Height Systems

5.1 - "EUVN-DA: Densification of the EUVN network - current status, future challenges"
A. Kenyeres
5.2 - "Contribution of Gravity to the ECGN"
H. Wilmes, J. Ihde, B. Richter
5.3 - "Nordic height systems: modelling postglacial rebound, closing the Baltic loop"
J. Mäkinen, M. Lilje, K. Engsager, Eriksson, P.-O., C. Jepsen, Olsson P.-A., V. Saaranen, K. Schmidt, R. Svensson, M. Takalo, O. Vestöl
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5.4 - "The new orthometric height system of Austria"
N. Höggerl
5.5 - "Height connection over the Gulf of Finland using oceanographic levelling, and GPS/geoid ties"
M. Ollikainen, A. Rüdja A, H. Jürgenson, J. Mäkinen
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5.6 - "POLARX2, A New GPS Receiver For Geodetic Applications"
A. Simsky, J. -M. Sleewagen, C. Bruyninx
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Session 6

National Reports

6.1 - Austria - "Austria"
N. Höggerl
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6.2 - Belgium - "EUREF related activities in Belgium"
C. Bruyninx, et al
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6.3 - Bulgaria - "National Report of Bulgaria"
G. Milev, K. Vassileva, T. Tashkov, G. Petrov, G. Valev, M. Minchev, K. Gegov, T. Belyashki
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6.4 - Croatia - "Croatia"
M. Bosiljevac, M. Marjanovic
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6.5 - Czech Republic - "National Report of the Czech Republic"
J. Simek et al.
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6.6 - Denmark - "Denmark"
P. Knudsen
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6.7 - Estonia - "Estonia"
A. Rüdja.
6.8 - Finland - "Finland"
J. Mäkinen, M. Ollikainen, J. Jokela, R. Chen
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6.9 - Germany - "National Report of Germany on EUREF"
J. Ihde, U. Faulhaber, M. Sacher, G. Weber, H. Wilmes
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6.10 - Great Britain - "National Report for Great Britain"
M. Greaves, C. Fane
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6.11 - Hungary - "National Report of Hungary"
A. Kenyeres
6.12 - Italy - "Italy"
A. Caporali
6.13 - Latvia - "National Report Latvia"
J. Kaminskis
6.14 - Lithuania - "Lithuania"
A. Buga
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6.15 - Netherlands - "National Report of the Netherlands"
A. Kösters
6.16 - Norway - "National Report Norway"
B. G. Harsson
6.17 - Poland - "National Report of Poland"
J. Krynnski, J. B. Rogowski, J. B. Zielinski
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6.18 - Portugal - "National Report of Portugal"
H. Ribeiro, H. Kol, J. T. Pinto
6.19 - Slovakia - "National Report of Slovakia"
D. Ferianc, J. Hefty, M. Klobusiak, K. Leitmannova, M. Ofukany
6.20 - Slovenia - "National Report of Slovenia"
S. Berk, M. Kuhar, J. Rezek, B. Stopar
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6.21 - Spain - "Spain"
R. Quiros et al.
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6.22 - Sweden - "Sweden"
B. Jonsson
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6.23 - Switzerland - "EUREF'03 - National Report of Switzerland"
B. Vogel, E. Brockmann, W. Gurtner, P. Kummer, U. Marti, A. Schlatter, D. Schneider, A. Wiget, U. Wild
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Session 7

Other EUREF-related contributions


7.1 - "Absolute Gravity Network in Spain"
P. E. Rodríguez, F.Villalta, N. Maderal
7.2 - "Status of the Croatian First Order Gravity Network"
Z. Hecimonovic, N. Rozic, T. Basic, D. Markovinovic
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7.3 - "Unity of Rhythm of Earth Rotation, Gravity and Geodesy Variations and their Nature"
Yu.V. Barkin, J.M. Ferrandiz
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7.4 - "Resolving Height Triangles with GPS and Zenithal distances"
J. Pinto, H. Ribeiro
7.5 - "European Position Determination System (EUPOS®)"
G. Rosenthal, G. Milev, K. Vassileva
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7.6 - "ICGRS – First Internet Enabled Reference Station"
T. Blaha



P.1 - "Elastic Energy of Superposition of the Earth Tides: New Components and their Role in Geodynamical Processes."
J.M. Ferrandiz, Yu.V. Barkin, J. Navarro
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P.2 - "Theoretical Study And Prediction of Secular Geocenter and Gravity Variations."
Yu.V. Barkin
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P.3 - "Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Council Town Network Reference Frame Testing"
V. García-Asenjo, D. López,M. Moises
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P.4 - "Comparison of the ITRF2000 and ITRF96 Space Displacements
of the Stations for Europe"
J. Kostelecky, A. Zeman
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P.5 - "On the Weighting of GPS Phase Observations in the EUREF Network Processing"
K. Kaniuth, S. Huber
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P.6 - "Precise Plan Transformation of Classical National Networks to ITRF/ETRS89 and Precise Vertical Reference Surface Representation by Digital FEM Height Reference Surfaces (DFHRS) – Concepts, Databases, Present Developments and Realisation of a 5 cm DFHRS-Data-base District of Valencia, Spain"
R. Jäger, S. Schneid, L. Garcia, P. Talens, L. Llorens
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P.7 - "Two computer programs for official datum transformation and geoid interpolation in Croatia"
T. Basic
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P.8 - "EPN Special Project on "Time Series Analysis": Time Series Analysis of EPN Stations as a Criterion of Choice of Reference Stations for Local Geodynamic Networks"
J. Bosy, A. Borkowski, B. Kontny
P.9 - "Temporal Variations of EPN Coordinate Time Series from Sub-daily Analysis"
W. Schwahn, W. Söhne
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P.10 - "Progress and Status of the EUREF Special Project ”Troposphere Parameter Estimation”
W. Söhne, G. Weber
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P.11 - "Implementation of a software for the data quality check of GPS permanent stations"
V. Baiocchi, M. Crespi, V. Cuccaro., G. Pietrantonio
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P.12 - "The impact of temporal correlations in GPS permanent network solutions"
R. Barzaghi,A. Borghi,M. Crespi, F. Giannone, G. Pietrantonio, F. Riguzzi
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P.13 - "global vertical reference frame"
M. Bursa, S. Kenyon, J. Kouba, Z. Síma, V. Vatrt, M. Vojtískova
P.14 - "Monitoring of the ionosphere parameters using near real time GPS data processing"
M. Figurski
P.15 - "Activities of Józefos£aw Obserwatory in the Frame of EUREF"
J. B. Rogowski, J. Bogusz, M. Figurski, M. Klek, M. Kruczyk, L. Kujawa, W. Kurka, T. Liwosz
P.16 - "Investigation of Regional Tropospheric Processes Using EPN Data"
J. Krynski, Y. Zanimonskiy
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P.17 - "Computation of a Homogeneous Coordinate Time Series for European GPS-stations by Reprocessing of the Weekly EPN Solutions"
N. Panafidina, Z. Malkin
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