Volume 10
International Association of Geodesy / Section I – Positioning; Subcommission for Europe (EUREF)

Publication No. 10
– Report on the Symposium of the IAG Subcommission for Europe (EUREF) held in Dubrovnik, 16 - 18 May 2001
– Reports of the EUREF Technical Working Group

Session 1

Activities of the Technical Working Group/ Status of the EUREF Permanent Network

Chairperson: E. Gubler

1.1 - "Report of the EUREF TWG"
W. Gurtner

1.2 - "Network coordination of the EUREF Permanent Network"
C. Bruyninx, F. Roosbeek
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1.3 - "The ITRS and ETRS89 relationship: new results from ITRF2000"
Z. Altamimi, C. Boucher
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1.4 - "Quality Checking the Raw Data of the EUREF Permanent Network"
B. Takacs, C. Bruyninx
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1.5 - "Combining the EUREF Local Analysis Centers' Solutions"
H. Habrich
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1.6 - "New Structure of OLG DC"
G. Stangl
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Session 2

EUREF Permanent Network - Developments and Applications I

Chairperson: W. Gurtner

2.1 - "EPN Special Project on "Time Series Analysis" - Preliminary results and future prospects."
A. Kenyeres, C. Bruyninx, A. Caporali, J. Hefty, L. Jivall, M. Poutanen, F. Rui, G. Stangl
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2.2 - "EPN multi-year solutions - combination considerations and time-series analysis"
A. Kenyeres, C. Bruyninx
2.3 - "Contribution of the University of Padova to the EPN Special Project on Geokinematics"
A Caporali, S. Baccini
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2.4 - "EUREF and Real Time Products"
G. Weber
2.5 - "COST-716 near real-time demonstration project for GPS Meteorology"
H. v. d. Marel
2.6 - "Swiss activities in combining GPS with Meteorology"
E. Brockmann, G. Gucrova, M. Troller
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2.7 - "Effects of Atmospheric Pressure Loading on the EUREF Network"
K. Kaniuth, P. Häfele
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2.8 - "State of strain of the Italian crust from geodetic data"
A Caporali, S. Martin, M. Massironi, S. Baccini
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2.9 - "Detection of Horizontal Movement Due to Postglacial Rebound in Norway"
T. Norbech, O. Kristiansen, H.P. Plag
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2.10 - "Network monitoring at the OLG analysis centre"
G. Stangl
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2.11 - "Quality Assessment and Signals detection from GPS time series"
F. Vespe, C. Ferraro, A, Nardi
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2.12 - "Experiences from Network-RTK, using SWEPOSTM, the Swedish Network of Permanent Reference Stations"
B. Jonsson
2.13 - "European Permanent Network in Ukraine"
O. Kucher, Yu. Stopkhay
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Session 3

European Vertical Reference System

Chairperson: H. v. d. Marel

3.1 - "The Finalization of the EUVN - What Comes After It ?"
J. Ihde, W. Augath, J. Adam, W. Gurtner, B. G. Harsson, M. Sacher, W. Schlüter, G. Wöppelmann
3.2 - "Some Aspects of the Definition of the EVRS"
O. Simek, J. Kostelecky
3.3 - "Status Report of the UELN Project"
M. Sacher, J. Ihde
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3.4 - "European Sea Level Service (ESEAS): status and perspective"
H. -P. Plag
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3.5 - "The fourth precise levelling campaign in Poland - state of art "
A. Lyszkowicz
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Session 4

Improvements and extensions of EUREF / Adoptions of ETRS89

Chairperson: C. Bruyninx

4.1 - "Overview of the Latest EuroGeographics Situation"
J. Leonard
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4.2 - "European Coordinate Reference Systems"
J. Ihde, E. Gubler, J. Luthardt, J. Torres
4.3 - "Computation of the combined solution of EUREF GPS campaigns 1994-1996 in the Republic of Croatia"
M. Marjanovic, Z. Bacic
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4.4 - "The Second Field Campaign of the Russian Reference Frame Creation"
G. V. Demianov, V. I. Kaftan, N. L. Makarenko
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4.5 - "The Adoption of ETRS89 as the National Mapping System for GB, via a Permanent GPS Network and
Definitive Transformation"
M. Greaves, P. Cruddace
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4.6 - "New Geodetic Datum of Croatia - Status Report"
T. Basic, Z. Bacic

Session 5

National Reports

Chairperson: W. Augath

G. Avetyan (translat. Buga)
Austria - "National Report of Austria"
N. Höggerl
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Belgium - "Belgian Report to the IAG-subcommission "EUREF"
C. Bruyninx, P. Defraigne, B. Ducarme, M. Everaerts, E. Pottiaux, F. Roosbeek, P. Voet, R. Warnant
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M. Mulic
Bulgaria - "National Report of Bulgaria"
G. Milev, G. Valev, M. Minchev, K. Vassileva, T. Tashkov
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"Croatian Geodetic Institute", N. Rozic
"National Report", N. Höggerl
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Czech Republic
J.Kostelecky, I. Pesek, J. Simek, A. Zeman
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Denmark - "National Report of Denmark"
K. Engsager, F. Madsen, S. Villadsen
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Estonia - "National Report of Estonia"
K. Kollo
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M. Ollikainen
B. Garayt
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Germany - "National Report of Germany to EUREF 2001"
J. Idhe, J. K. Pahler, W. Schlüter, G. Weber
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Great Britain
"National Report of Great Britain", P. Cruddace, M. Greaves
"Gibraltar Annex to National Report of Great Britain", G. Andre
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A. Kenyeres
M. Pierozzi
Latvia - National Report
G. Krišane
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Lithuania - "National Report of Lithuania - Activities on Establishment of National Geodetic Vertical Network"
A. Buga, E. Pardeliûnas, P. Kevieius
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Netherlands - "National Report of the Netherlands"
J. van Buren, H. van der Marel, R. Molendijk, M. Salzmann, G. van Willigen
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B. G. Harsson
Portugal - "National Report of Portugal"
J. Pinto, H. K. Rodrigues
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V. I. Kaftan
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B. Stopar
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Spain - "National Report of Spain"
S. Sanchez
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Sweden - "Geodetic activities at the National Land Survey of Sweden"
G. Hedling, L. Jivll, P-A. Olsson
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Switzerland - "National Report of Switzerland - Introduction and first applications of a Real-Time Precise Positioning Service using the Swiss Permanent Network 'AGNES' "
E. Brockmann, S. Grünig, R. Hug, D. Schneider, A. Wiget, U. Wild
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Session 6

Other EUREF-related contributions

Chairperson: J. Simek

6.1 - "The Bernese GPS Software - A Processing Tool in EUREF"
P. Fridez, U. Hugentobler, S. Schaer, D. Ineichen
6.2 - "Online and Postprocessed GPS-heighting based on the Concept of a Digital Height Reference Surface (DFHRS)"
R. Jäger, S. Schneid
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6.3 - "Testing new quasigeoid for the Czech Republic for computation of Heights from GPS Observations"
J. Kostelecky, I. Pesek, J. Simek, A. Zeman
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6.4 - "Gravity Variation at the Moscow Fiducial Station"
V. I. Kaftan
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6.5 - "Antenna Phase Centre Determination on a Temporary Space Basis"
M. Klobusiak, K. Leitmannova, S. Priam, D. Ferianc
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6.6 - "Comparison of IPWV Determination from GPS Observations and Radiosounding Results"
M. Kruczyk, T. Liwosz, J. B. Rogowski



P.1 - "Relationships between the old Gauss-Krüger projection and UTM projection for Croatia"
M. Lapaine, D. Tutic
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P.2 - "GPS in Geodetic and Geodynamic Programmes of the CEI WG "Science and Technology" section C "Geodesy" "
J. Sledzinski
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