Report on the Symposium of the IAG Subcommission for Europe (EUREF) held in Brussels, Belgium, 18 - 21 June 2008

Opening Session

Chairperson: Pierre Voet

Welcome by the Col BAM, DEAO Royal Military Academy

J. Marsia

Welcome by the head of the section on "Time, Earth Rotation and Space Geodesy" of the Royal Observatory of Belgium

V. Déhant

Welcome by the Director General National Geographic Institute

I. Vanden Berghe

Welcome by the President IAG Commission 1 "Reference Frames"

Z. Altamimi

Welcome by the President IAG sub-commission 1.3 "Regional Reference Frames"

J. Torres

Welcome by the Chairman of the EUREF sub-commission 1.3a

J. Ihde

Session 1

Activities of the Technical Working Group (TWG)

Chairpersons: Johannes Ihde

1.1 - Overview of the Activities of the EUREF Technical Working Group & Presentation of the Nominees for the EUREF TWG
C. Bruyninx
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1.2 - ETRS89 Realization: Current Status, ETRF2005 and Future Developments

Z. Altamimi

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1.3 - Realization of ETRS89: Alternatives, Future Concepts, Conclusions from the Definition

W. Gurtner, J. Ihde, J. Luthardt

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1.4 - EVRF07 as Realization of the European Vertical Reference System

M. Sacher, J. Ihde, G. Liebsch, J. Mäkinen

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1.5 - The Contribution of EUREF to INSPIRE

J. Torres, A. Caporali, H. Habrich

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Session 2

Permanent GNSS Networks: New Development
Chairpersons: Werner Gurtner, Günter Stangl

2.1 - Status and Performance of the EUREF Permanent Tracking Network

C. Bruyninx, J. Legrand, F. Roosbeek

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2.2 - Prospects of Real-time Satellite Positioning Using EPN Resources

W. Söhne, A. Stürze, G. Weber, L. Mervart

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2.3 - EPN Analysis – Products and Report

H. Habrich

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2.4 - The ALPS-GPSQUAKENET project – A permanent GPS network in the Alps

C. Völksen, A. Walpersdorf, R. Barzaghi, A. Borghi, L. Cannizzaro

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2.5 - Surface Kinematics in the Alpine-Carpathian-Dinaric and Balkan Region inferred from a new multi-network GPS combination solutions

A. Caporali, C. Aichhorn, M. Barlik, M. Becker, I. Fejes, L. Gerhatova, D. Ghitau, G. Grenerczy, J. Hefty, S. Krauss, D. Medak, G. Milev, M. Mojzes, M. Mulic, A. Nardo, P. Pesec, T. Rus, J. Simek, J. Sledzinski, M. Solaric, G. Stangl , B. Stopar, F. Vespe, G. Virag, F. Vodopivec, F. Zablotskyi

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2.6 - A multi purpose continuous GPS network for Turkey

B. Aktug

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2.7 - Global Multi-GNSS Processing at CODE

R. Dach, S. Schaer, M. Meindl, H. Bock, A. Jaeggi, L. Ostini, S. Lutz, L. Prange, A. Steinbach, D. Thaller, P. Walser, G. Beutler

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2.8 - Processing Combined GPS/GLONASS Data at Swisstopo's Local Analysis Center

D. Ineichen, E. Brockmann, S. Schaer

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2.9 - GNSS Activities at GOP

J. Dousa

2.10 - GGSP: Realisation of the Galileo Terrestrial Reference Frame

W. Söhne, J. Ihde, G. Gendt, M. Rothacher

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2.11 - Implementation of New Positioning System in Riga

J. Balodis

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Session 3

Systematic Errors in GNSS
Chairperson: Alessandro Caporali

3.1 - The Austrian radom family – expected differences for the EPN and IGS reprocessing

G. Stangl, H. Titz, E. Zahn

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3.2 - The EUREF – EUMETNET Collaboration: First Experiences and Potential Benefits

E. Pottiaux, E. Brockmann, W. Soehne, C. Bruyninx

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3.3 - Near Real Time ZTD Validation at E-GVAP Super Sites

F. Vespe, R. Pacione, B. Pace

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3.4 - Consistency of diurnal and semidiurnal variations estimated from GPS with ocean tide loading displacements models evaluated at some EPN sites

J. Hefty

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3.5 - EPN Reference Frame Alignement: Consistency of the Station Positions

J. Legrand, C. Bruyninx

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3.6 - Homogenous Reprocessing of the EPN: First Experiences and Comparisons

A. Kenyeres, J. Legrand, M. Figurski, C. Bruyninx, P. Kaminski, H. Habrich

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Session 4

Improvements and Densifications of the ETRS89
Chairpersons: Hans v. d. Marel, Jaroslav Simek

4.1 - Terrestrial Reference Systems from Theory to Implementation

Z. Altamimi

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4.2 - Global and regional reference frame realization based on reprocessed GPS data

R. Dietrich, M. Fritsche, A. Ruelke, M. Rothacher, P. Steigenberger

4.3 - DGFI combination methodology for terrestrial reference frame computations

D. Angermann, H. Drewes, M. Krügel, B. Meisel, L. Sanchez, W. Seemüller

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4.4 - Impact analysis of a new Belgian ETRS89 based coordinate reference system (Lambert 2008) on the GI-community

B. de Vidts, A. Gobin, J. Van Orshoven, T. Lemmens

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4.5 - Status Report on the EUPOS Systems and Activities

G. Rosenthal

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4.6 - The Italian transition from a static to a dynamic reference frame: present transformation and future developments

L. Biagi, S. Caldera, M. Crespi, A. Manzino, A. Mazzoni, M. Roggero, F. Sansò

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4.7 - Towards establishing a new ETRS89 realization based on the RGP network

A. Harmel, B. Garayt

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4.8 - Preliminary results with the new Italian Permanent Network RDN of GPS stations

A. Caporali, R. Maseroli, G. Farolfi, F. Turturici

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4.9 - Improvements and densifications of the ETRS89: Discussion and recommendations for future realizations of ETRS89

H. v. d. Marel

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Session 5

Height, Gravity, Geoid, GGOS
Chairperson: Jaakko Mäkinen

5.1 - GGOS, ECGN and NGOS: Global and regional geodetic observing systems

M. Poutanen

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5.2 - EUVN Densification Action: Realization of the European continental GPS/levelling network

A. Kenyeres, M. Sacher, J. Ihde, H. Denker, U. Marti

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5.3 - The new French zero-order levelling network – First global results and possible consequences for the UELN

P. Rebischung, H. Duquenne, F. Duquenne

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5.4 -On the quasigeoid solutions for the Ukraine and Moldova area

A. Marchenko, O. Kucher

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5.5 - The treatment of the permanent tide in EUREF products

J. Mäkinen

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Session 6

National Reports
Chairperson: Heinz Habrich, Ambrus Kenyeres

6.1 - National Report of Austria

N. Höggerl, D. Ruess, G. Stangl, H.Titz, Ch. Ullrich, E. Zahn

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6.2 - National Report of Belgium

P. Voet

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6.3 - National Report of Bulgaria

I. Georgiev, G. Gladkov, P. Gabenski, T. Tashkov, P. Danchev, D. Dimitrov, T. Belyashky, T. Boev, M. Minchev, M. Nikolov

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6.4 - National Report of Croatia

M. Bosiljevac, M. Marjanovic, M. Kekic

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6.5 -National Report of Czech Republic

J. Simek, J. Dousa, V. Filler, J. Kostelecky, J. Kostelecky (jr), J. Reznicek

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6.6 - National Report of Estonia

K. Kollo, P. Pihlak, R. Vallner

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6.7 - National Report of Finland

P. Hakli

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6.8 - National Report of France

F. Duquenne, T. Duquesnoy, B. Garayt, A. Harmel, Paul Rebischung

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6.9 - National Report of Germany

J. Ihde, C.-H. Jahn, H. Habrich, G. Liebsch, B. Richter, M. Sacher, W. Schlüter, G. Weber, H. Wilmes

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6.10 - National Report of Great Britain

M. Greaves, C. Fane, P. Cruddace, R. Bingley, D. Baker, N. Teferle, G. Appleby, M. King, J. C. Iliffe, M. K. Ziebart, J. F. Turner

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6.11 - National Report of Hungary

A. Kenyeres, T. Horvath, G. Virag

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6.12 -National Report of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland

G. Bell

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6.13 -National Report of Italy

A. Caporali

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6.14 -National Report of Latvia

J. Kaminskis, L. Lieksne

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6.15 -National Report of Lithuania

E. Parseliunas

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6.16 - National Report of Malta

E. Debonio

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6.17 - National Report of Moldova

M. Ovdii

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6.18 - National Report the Netherlands

H. van der Marel, P. Ditmar, J. van Buren, A. Kosters, H. Quee

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6.19 - National Report of Poland

J. Krynski, J. Rogowski

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6.20 - National Report of Portugal

M. Vasconcelos, C. Martins, G. Crisóstomo, A. Medeiro

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6.21 - National Report of Romania

P. Dragomir, T. Rus, N. Avracmiuc, P. Dumitru

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6.22 - National Report of Slovakia

D. Ferianc, E. Šalátová, M. Roháček, K. Leitmannová, J. Hefty

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6.23 - National Report of Slovenia

B. Stopar

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6.24 - National Report of Spain

M. Valdes

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6.25 - National Report of Sweden

C.-G. Persson, L. Engberg, L. Jivall, B. Jonsson, D. Klang, M. Lidberg, M. Lilje, R. Svensson, J. Ågren

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6.26 - National Report of Switzerland

E. Brockmann, M. Kistler, B. Vogel, A. Wiget, U. Wild

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6.27 - National Report of Turkey

B. Aktug, O. Lenk, M.A. Gürdal, A. Kilicoglu, H. Yildez, A. Cingoz, K. Bayrak

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6.28 - National Report of Ukraine

I. Zaiets, O. Kucher, A. Marchenko National

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Chairperson: Carine Bruyninx

M. Greaves

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EUREF TWG new members voting
C. Bruyninx

Best Student Poster Award
C. Calvert

EUREF Symposium 2009
A. Caporali

Closing Remarks by the Local Organizing Committee
C. Bruyninx

Closing Remarks by the President of Reference Frame Sub-commission for Europe (EUREF)

J. Ihde

Posters Presentations related to Session 2

Permanent GNSS Networks: New Developments

P02.01 - An investigation of using high rate GNSS data in structural monitoring process

M. Galuszkiewicz, M. Figurski, M. Wrona

P02.02 - Preliminary Results of the complete EPN reprocessing computed by the MUT EPN Local Analysis Centre

M. Figurski, P. Kamasinki, A. Kenyeres

P02.03 - Detecting Small-Scale Tropospheric Phenomena Using GNSS Observations from Dense National Networks

E. Pottiaux

P02.04 - Effect of the Tropospheric Front on the Ionospheric TEC Variability over Europe

Y. M. Zanimonskiy, V. N. Lisachenko, Yu. M. Yampolsky, A. A Sopin, A. V. Zalizovsky

P02.05 - Objectives and Challenges of the IAG Working Group "Regional Dense Velocity Fields"

C. Bruyninx, Z. Altamimi, M. Becker, M. Craymer, L. Crombrinck, A. Crombrink, R. Fernandes, R. Govind, A. Kenyeres, B. King, C. Kreemer, D. Lavallée, J. Legrand, L. Sanchez, G. Sella

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P02.06 - Establishment of Estonian GNSS Permanent Network

K. Kollo, P. Pihlak

P02.07 - DGNSS services in Bulgaria – recent developments

M. Minchev

P02.08 - Bulgarian Experience in GNSS Infrastructure Networking

I. Ivanova, J. Jeliaskov

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Posters Presentations related to Session 3

Systematic Errors in GNSS

P03.01 - Influence of changing GPS Antenna Calibrations on EPN Station Coordinates

O. Khoda, C. Bruyninx

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P03.02 - Tropospheric delay EPN products and meteorological ZTD and IPW data sources – conformity study

M. Kruczyk

P03.03 - Mesoscale Anisotropy of GPS Slant Delay

M. Figurski, M. Galuszkiewicz, P. Kaminski, K. Kroszczynski

P03.04 - Precise RTK positioning with short-term forecasting TEC model

L. W. Baran, P. Wielgosz, A. Krankowski

P03.05 - GNSS Near Real-Time Zenith Path Delay Estimations at ROB: Methodology and Quality Monitoring

E. Pottiaux

P03.06 - FODITS: A new tool of the Bernese GPS Software to analyze time series

L. Ostini, R. Dach, S. Schaer, U. Hugentobler, M. Meindl

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P03.07 - Phase Multipath analysis for permanent GNSS stations: Sites characterization and use of multipath maps in Bernese 5.0 data processing

A. Mazzoni, C. Bruyninx, H. van der Marel

P03.08 - Investigations of the GNSS Antenna placed near the scatter Surface

J. Cisak, Y. Zanimonskiy

P03.09 - On residual stacking and antenna calibration

H. van der Marel

P03.10 - Detection of abnormal ionospheric activity from the EPN and impact on kinematic GPS positioning

N. Bergeot, C. Bruyninx, E. Pottiaux, S. Pireaux, P. Defraigne, J. Legrand

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Posters Presentations related to Session 4

Improvements and Densifications of the ETRS89

P04.01 - A new implementation of the ETRS89 in the Czech Republic: conditions, approach, partial results and consequences

V. Filler, J. Simek

P04.02 - Densification of IGS/EPN by local permanent networks: results sensitivity with respect to the adjustment choices

L. Biagi, S. Caldera, A. Capra, C. Castagnetti, F. Sansò

P04.03 - ASG-EUPOS densification of EPN on the territory of Poland

J. Bosy, W. Graszka, M. Leonczyk, A. Oruba

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Posters Presentations related to Session 5

Height, Gravity, Geoid, GGOS

P05.01 - Height transmission from mainland to the island Rab in Republic of Croatia

I. Grgic, T. Basic, M. Lucic, M. Liker, B. Barisic, M. Repanic

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P05.02 - Differential sea level measurements: solution for Croation islands height datum

B. Barisic, M. Repanic, T. Basic, I. Grgic, M. Liker, M. Lucic

P05.03 - Project of Unification of the Gravimetric Reference Frame for Polish GNSS Stations: preliminary results

J. Walo, T. Olszak, A. Pachuta, D. Prochniewicz, R. Szpunar

P05.04 - Combined analysis of vertical and horizontal deformation: the test case of the Apuseni Mountains

A. Caporali