Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hermann Seeger (1933 – 2015)

We have the sad duty to inform you that Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hermann Seeger, former Professor at the University of Bonn, Germany, former President and Professor of the Institut für Angewandte Geodäsie, Frankfurt am Main, Germany and „Permanent Guest“ of the IAG Sub-commission for Europe, EUREF, passed away December, 09, 2015.

Herman Seeger was born September, 16, 1933 in the very North of Germany – whereon he was proud and what sounded out throughout his life for those familiar with German accents. He studied and started his scientific career at the University of Hannover. In 1967 he went to the Institut für Angewandte Geodäsie in Frankfurt am Main (since 1997: Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy) where he stood until his retirement in 1998 except for the period of 1978 to 1987 where he followed the call of the University of Bonn as a full Professor for Geodesy. During this time, his students very quickly learned that satellite geodesy was one of his central fields of activity.

Herman Seeger had very early identified the potential of the Global Positioning System (GPS) for Geodesy. Always interested and involved in pan-European initiatives, he was one of the founder of EUREF. Many EUREF GPS campaigns in the 1990ies were successfully realized due to his engagement. As long as he was able to, he joined our annual symposia and the meetings of the Technical Working Group. The EUREF community commemorates Herman Seeger as a very engaged colleague who followed his visions with perseverance and who did not rate someone on the basis of his position but his merit.


December, 2015