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Updated 2018.08.27

Governing Board (GB) - General information

The EUREF TWG was created at the EUREF symposium in Berne, 1992. It was renamed to Governing Board (GB) in 2017 during the Wroclaw Symposium.

The GB is responsible, in general, for the control of EUREF activities and policy, and has the following specific tasks:

to coodinate and develop the EPN (EUREF Permanent Network);
to evaluate and classify results of GNSS campaigns presented to the GB for acceptance as EUREF densification or extension;
to organize and coordinate European-wide geodetic observation campaigns for the improvement of the European reference frame;
to coordinate the actions for the realisation of a European Height System and the integration of the geo-spatial and vertical components of the European Reference Frame;
to identify the relevant actions for the continuation and development of EUREF, with respect to innovation and the changing user needs;
to set up the working groups to run the projects defined by the plenary;
to prepare the recomendations for the EUREF plenary.

The GB meets at least twice a year, preferably three times a year.

The GB is constituted by members elected by the plenary, ex-officio members and members in charge of specific tasks.

The GB Chair, elected among and by its members, coordinates the GB. The term is 4 years, in a maximum of 2 terms.

The number of members elected by the plenary is defined by the GB Chair and must be in agreement with the tasks committed to the GB. The recommended term is 4 years.

The ex-officio members are the EUREF Chair and Secretary.

Members in charge of a specific task, in a limited number, also compose the GB. The GB Chair appoints these members. The term is established according to the tasks commited.

The GB Chair may invite persons to attend the meetings, to assist in the discussion of specific subjects or to present relevant items to EUREF. These persons have no voting rights.

The WG (Working Group) are established within the GB and appoved in a Plenary's resolution. The GB Chair proposes the leadership of the WG. The leader of a WG must be a member of the GB.