Updated 2018.10.01
EUREF Partners

EUREF established partnerships through a Memorandum of Understanding with the following organizations:

is the umbrella organization of the European National Mapping and Cartographic Agencies. The Memorandum of Understanding between EUREF and EuroGeographics is a more intensive continuation of the hitherto cooperation for common interests between both organizations. It guarantees on one hand that the developments made by EUREF are absorbed and implemented by the NMCA; and on the other hand, brings to EUREF the NMCA concerns and problems on geodetic issues that must be solved in a European and global perspective. The cooperative activities will be developed in the following areas:  the European Spatial Data Infrastructure (INSPIRE), Global Monitoring for Environment &  Security (GMES), Galileo and its applications related to geo-information, and sharing of best practice within and between the participants’ members.
More details: Memorandum of Understanding

is a network of European national meteorological services, facilitating committing inter-European collaboration within meteorology. The goals of the Memorandum of Understanding between EUREF and EUMETNET are to increase synergies and collaborations between the geodetic and meteorological communities and to facilitate the data exchange between the two parties. On one hand, E-GVAP, a program running under the aegis of EUMETNET, aims at establishing a European observing system for delivering near real-time GNSS-based tropospheric zenith path delay (ZPD) estimates for operational numerical weather prediction (NWP). For that, meteorologists need continued access to GNSS raw data and products. On the other hand, EUREF needs access to meteorological observations over all Europe In order to improve its GNSS data processing and to validate its GNSS-derived products from the EUREF Permanent Network (EPN).
More details: Memorandum of Understanding

is a scientific Consortium of Research Institutions committed to a coordinated programme of measurements, technical developments and for international access to monitoring geodetic and geodynamic processes for a long period of time in Central Europe. The objective of this Memorandum of Understanding is, in general, to create the conditions to facilitate the data exchange and to promote the increase in the co-operation between the two parties, and in particular, to facilitate the densification of the European GNSS network for reference frame definition and geokinematical applications, and to support the ECGN (European Combined Geodetic Network) project. It is expected that a closer co-operation between EUREF and CEGRN will increase the level of support to the IAG Dense Velocity Field Project, and the availability of a combined solution with respect to a denser network.
More details: Memorandum of Understanding

EUPOS - European Position Determination System
is an organisation of the European national dense GNSS networks and services. The contributing national services – at the moment mostly covering Central and Eastern Europe - are providing correction data for real time positioning and navigation, and observation data for geodetic post-processing fulfilling all positioning requirements. EUPOS acts to homogenize the national positioning services providing unified, well determined, commonly agreed standards and also support countries, where such services are under preparation providing the elaborated standards and expertise. EUPOS represents the GNSS service providers in international bodies like UN OOSA, RTCM 104 and signed MoU with EUMETNET E_GVAP and EUREF to facilitate the multifunctional use of the data and results stemming from the dense GNSS networks. EUPOS willing to attract all European GNSS service providers and partially transform to a discussion forum and a stronger lobby group, where the interests of the partners are better represented.
More details: Memorandum of Understanding

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