Mission & Objectives

EUREF, the “Reference Frame Sub-Commission for Europe” is part of the Sub-Commission 1.3, Regional Reference Frames, under Commission 1 of the IAG. The activities and tasks of EUREF are to:

  • develop, in close cooperation with the IGS (International GNSS Service), the EUREF Permanent Network (EPN) for the maintenance of the European Reference Frame, as contribution to the ITRF and as infrastructure to support other relevant projects, namely the European initiatives related to Galileo;

  • improve the United European Leveling Network (UELN) by extending it to all European countries, taking into account the perspective of a geokinematic computation;
  • implement the necessary projects for the long-term maintenance of the ETRS89 (European Terrestrial Reference System) and the EVRS (European Vertical Reference System), as well as for the improvement of the coherence between both systems, and this in close cooperation with other IAG components;
  • promote the adoption of the reference systems defined by EUREF (ETRS89 and EVRS) in the European countries and European-wide organizations involved in geo-referencing activities.
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Updated 2017.08.22