Documents presented at the 53rd TWG Meeting held in Gävle

1st June 2010


  1. Opening

  2. Minutes of the 52th TWG meeting in Vienna

  3. EUREF-Czech-2009 densification campaign

  4. EUREF IE/UK 2009

  5. ETRS89 realization of the HEPOS network

  6. Guidelines for EUREF densifications

  7. EUREF Permanent Network

       a. Report of EPN Analysis

       b. EPN Real-time analysis/ETRF2000 orbits

       c. EPN reprocessing project

       d. Galileo and related issues

  8. EUREF/ETRS89 web

       a. Monitoring of official national ETRF coordinates on EPN web

       b. EUREF campaigns web pages

       c. EUREF home page

  9. EUPOS combination centre

  10. ITRF2008 and transformation to ETRF2000

  11. Report on ETRS89 Working Group

  12. What does EUREF consider as a realization of EVRS?

  13. INSPIRE progress report

  14. ECGN

  15. Collaboration EPOS/EUREF/WEGENER

  16. EUREF Symposium 2010

       a. Organization

       b. Best student poster award

  17. EUREF 2011 Symposium

  18. Divers

       a. Commission 1 symposium - REFAG

       b. AFREF

  19. Next TWG Meeting

  20. Action Items