Documents presented at the 52nd TWG Meeting held in Vienna

8 - 9 March 2010


 1. Opening

 2. Minutes of the 51th TWG meeting in Padua

 3. EUREF IE/UK 2009

 4. ETRS89 realization of the HEPOS network

 5. EUREF Permanent Network

   a. Update EPN Guidelines

   b. EPN status report      

   c. Report of EPN Analysis

   d. EPN Real-time analysis – status report

 6. EUREF/ETRS89 web

   a. Monitoring of official national ETRF coordinates on EPN web

   b. EUREF campaigns web pages

   c. EUREF home page

 7. Report on ETRS89 Working Group

 8. INSPIRE progress report


10. ECGN

11. EVRS

   a.Status EVRS and WHS GGOS action

   b. What does EUREF considers as a realization of EVRS

12. European contribution to IAG WG “Regional Dense Velocity Fields”

13. ITRF2008

14. EUREF Symposium 2010 Organization

15. EUREF 2011 Symposium

16. Status EUREF 2008 and 2009 proceedings/BGG

17. Divers

   a. EUPOS combination centre

   b. IAG Commission 1 Symposium

   c. IGS workshop 2010

18. Next TWG Meeting

19. Action Items