Documents presented at the 51st TWG Meeting held in Padova

13 October 2009


1. Opening (Bruyninx)

2. Minutes of the 50th TWG meeting in Florence (All)

3. EUREF/EPN web

a. EPN coordinates web pages (Bruyninx)

b. On-line ITRS/ETRS89 transformations (Bruyninx)

c. Monitoring of official national ETRF coordinates on EPN web (Brockmann)

4. EUREF Permanent Network

a. Update EPN Guidelines (Bruyninx)

b. Continuous cumulative solutions of EPN LACs – synchronization of solutions and improving EPN combination (Habrich)

c. Real-time analysis Special Project (Söhne)


a. Progress report (Torres)

b. Possible mechanism for recognition of height systems/frames from EUREF in the perspective of INSPIRE (Lidberg)

6. ETRS89 Working Group (Lidberg)

7. EVRF Developments (Ihde)

8. ECGN (Poutanen)


a. New Italian data set for the EUVN‐DA project (Maseroli, Cauli, Caporali)

b. EUVN_DA status and final report (Kenyeres, Ihde)

10. IAG WG “Regional Dense Velocity Fields” (Bruyninx, Kenyeres)

11. EUREF Symposium 2010

a. Organization (Lidberg)

b. Best student poster award (Torres)

12. IAG Scientific Assembly (Torres)

13. Progress on the ZTD evaluation data base (Dousa)

14. EUREF publications

a. possible overlapping with a.i.14 (Ihde)

b. status EUREF2008 BGG publication (Bruyninx)

c. EUREF 2009 BGG publication (Caporali)

15. Journal of Geodesy (JoG) (Hornik)

16. ICG4 report (Ihde)

17. CGPS vs. DInSAR analysis of Aquila earthquake (Caporali)

18. Next TWG Meeting (All)

19. Action Items (All)