Documents presented at the 50th TWG Meeting held in Florence

26 May 2009


1.   Opening (Bruyninx)

2.   Minutes of the 49th TWG meeting in Budapest (all)

3.   EUREF2009

a. Organization (Maseroli)

b. Final program (Ihde, session chairs)

c.  Best student poster award (Torres)

d. Resolution Committee (Bruyninx)

4.   EUREF Permanent Network

a.  EPN past and future (Bruyninx)

b. Status of warning messages from rapid daily solutions (Habrich)

c.  Report on the RT SP (Söhne)

d. EPN ZTD product /use of meteo data (Dousa, Söhne)

e. The EPN station AQUI and the April 6 2009 earthquake (Caporali)

5.   Monitoring of official national ETRF coordinates on EPN web (Brockmann)

6.   EPN/ETRS89 maintenance (Kenyeres, Bruyninx)

7.   INSPIRE (Torres, Altamimi, Mäkinen)

8.   Guidelines for EUREF Densifications (Bruyninx)

9.   ETRS89 Working Group status report (Lidberg)

10. Status of the ITRF2008 development (Altamimi)

11. ECGN progress report (Poutanen)

12. EUVN_DA final report (Kenyeres)

13. EUREF home page (Hornik, Ihde, Vasconcelos)

14. EUREF campaigns web page prototype (Stangl)

15. AFREF (Fernandes)

16. EUREF Symposium 2010 (Ihde)

17. Next TWG Meeting (All)

18. Action Items (all)