Documents presented at the Budapest TWG Meeting

26-27 March 2009


1. Opening (Bruyninx)

2. Minutes of the 48th TWG meeting in Munich (all)

3. EUREF Permanent Network

a. EPN CB status report (Bruyninx)

b. EPN real-time Special Project (Söhne)

c. EPN analysis (Habrich)

d. EPN reprocessing activities (Völksen)     (1)  (2)

e. EPN/ETRS89 maintenance (Kenyeres)

4. Coordinates of EPN stations in national ETRS89 realizations (Brockmann)

5. Preliminary results of the Italian Rete Dinamica Nazionale (RDN) of Istituto Geografico Militare Italiano and its alignment to ETRF2000 (R05) (Maseroli, Caporali)

6. EVRS2007 distribution of data and recommendations for the EC (Ihde)

7. ECGN continuation (Poutanen, Ihde)

8. EUVN_DA final report (Kenyeres)

9. INSPIRE (Torres)

10. ETRS89 Working Group (Lidberg, all)

a. Discussion of the draft charter     (1)  (2)

b. Role of ETRS89 velocities in national densifications

c. Use of ETRS89 by scientific community

11. Organization of EUREF2009 (Maseroli, all)

12. EUREF home page (Hornik, Ihde, Vasconcelos)

13. Proceedings EUREF2007 and EUREF2008 (Hornik, Ihde, Bruyninx)

14. Divers

a. ICG3 meeting in Pasadena (Ihde)

b. EUREF campaign data base (Stangl)

c. GGSP/GRSP (Söhne)

d. GEOSS Architecture Workshop (Torres)

e. Database for supporting meteo data exploitation within GNSS analysis (Dousa)

15. Next TWG Meeting (All)

16. Action Items (all)