Documents presented at the Munich TWG Meeting

03-04 November 2008

Minutes                                                                                                   Photo 

1. Opening (Bruyninx)

2. Minutes of the 47th TWG meeting in Brussels (all)

3. EUREF Permanent Network

a. EPN real-time activities (Söhne)

b. ITRS2008 (Altamimi)

c. Densification of the ITRF2005 (Habrich, Kenyeres, Altamimi)     (1)  (2)  (3)  (4)

d. EPN cumulative solution (Kenyeres)

e. Maintenance of EPN ETRS89 Coordinates

f.  Report on EPN LAC Workshop (Habrich, Dousa)

g. EPN in national ETRS89 realizations (Brockmann)

4. Update of ETRS89 memo (Altamimi)

5. ETRS89 Working Group (Lidberg, all)

6. ESEAS (Knudsen)

7. AFREF (Fernandes)

8. Preliminary results of the Italian Rete Dinamica Nazionale (RDN) of Istituto Geografico Militare Italiano and its alignment to ETRF2000 (R05)  (Maseroli, Caporali)

9. EUREF campaign data base (Stangl)

10. EVRS2007 distribution of data and recommendations for EC (Ihde)     (1)  (2)

11. ECGN continuation (Poutanen, Ihde)

12. EUREF home page (Hornik, Ihde, Vasconcelos)

13. Proceedings EUREF2006, EUREF2007, and EUREF2008 (Hornik, Ihde, Bruyninx)

14. Divers:

a. IAG2009 (Torres)

b. INSPIRE (Torres)

c. GEOSS Architecture Workshop (Torres)

d. Wegener (Ihde)

e. EuroGeographics (Ihde)

f. EUREF-EUMETNET (Brockmann)

g. European Railway Infradata Management: FP7 project SCO-OP (Brockmann)

h. PLEGG (Bruyninx)

i. International Colloquium on Fundamental Aspects and Scientific Applications of Galileo and GNSS (Caporali)

15. Next TWG Meeting (All)

16. Action Items (all)