Documents presented at the Brussels TWG Meeting

17 June 2008

Minutes                                                                                                       Photo 

1. Opening (Bruyninx)

2. Minutes of the 46th TWG meeting in Helsinki (all)

3. EUREF Permanent Network

a. EPN real-time activities (Söhne, Weber)

b. Ionosphere monitoring with the EPN (Bruyninx, Bergeot)

c. Densification of the ITRF2005 (Habrich)

4. ETRS89/ETRF2005 (Altamimi, Gurtner, Ihde, Brockmann, Bruyninx, …)

5. EVRS and the permanent tide: background to conventions (Mäkinen et. al.)

6. Realization of the EVRS/EVRS2007 (Sacher, Ihde, Mäkinen)

7. EUREF TWG membership (Bruyninx)    (A)  (B)  (C)

8. Change of EUREF Terms of Reference (Ihde, Hornik)

9. Preparation of EUREF 2008

a. EUREF 2008 (Voet)

b. Best student poster award (Torres)

c. EUREF proceedings (Bruyninx)

10. INSPIRE (Torres, Habrich, Caporali)

11. Home Page of EUREF (Hornik, Ihde)

12. EUREF Campaign data base (Van der Marel, Stangl)

13. Collaborations

a. Status of EUREF-EUMETNET collaboration (Brockmann)


c. SCO OP Railway Infrastructure Management (FP7 call)

14. EUPOS (Simek)

15. Next TWG Meeting (All)

16. Action Items