Documents presented at the Helsinki TWG Meeting

31 March - 01 April 2008


1. Opening (Bruyninx)

2. Minutes of the 45th TWG meeting in Paris (all)

3. Information

a. Collaboration with EuroGeographics (Ihde)

b. ICG meeting in Vienna, Feb. 2008 (Hornik)

c. Support for the establishment of a GNSS station in Malta (Ihde)

d. Status of EUMETNET/EUREF MoU (Brockmann)

e. INSPIRE (Habrich, Caporali)  (a)  (b)

f. GGOS (Altamimi)

4. EUREF TWG membership (Bruyninx)

5. EUREF Permanent Network

a. EPN CB status report (Bruyninx)

b. GLONASS observability (Soehne)

c. EPN rapid analysis (Habrich)

d. Next LAC workshop (Habrich)

e. Real-time clock corrections (Weber)

f. Support of the real-time IGS Pilot Project (Weber)

6. Realization of the EVRS/EVRS2007 (Ihde, Mäkinen)   (A)  (B)

7. EVRS and the permanent tide: background to conventions (Mäkinen)

8. EUVN_DA products (Kenyeres)

9. ETRS89/ETRF2005 (Ihde et al)    (A)  (B)  (C)  (D)

10. Home page of EUREF (Hornik, Ihde)

11. Preparation of EUREF 2008

a. EUREF 2008 (Bruyninx)

b. Financial support for participants (Hornik)

c. EUREF proceedings (Hornik)

12. Next TWG Meeting (All)

13. Action Items (Hornik, Bruyninx)