Documents presented at the London TWG Meeting

5 June 2007


  1. Opening (Altamimi)

  2. Minutes & action items of the 43rd TWG Meeting in Lisbon (Hornik, all)

  3. EUREF Symposium 2007 (Cruddace, Greaves,Torres, Hornik)

  4. EUREF presentation at the IUGG 2007 General Assembly - short information (Torres)

  5. EUREF Elections (Torres)

    1. EUREF President

    2. TWG Chair

    3. Applications for additional TWG members

  6. ICG (Torres, Stangl)

  7. MoU EUREF - EUMETNET (Torres, Brockmann) 

  8. GPS-Meteorology (Brockmann)

  9. MoU EUREF - EuroGeographics (Ihde)

  10. ETRF2005 (Altamimi)

  11. EPN Analysis aspects (Habrich)

    1. Evaluation to use ITRF2005 and absolute PCVs in EPN, Action Item TWG

    2. EPN rapid analysis products

    3. Status note regarding EUREF/INSPIRE, Action Item TWG

    4. Status note regarding ITRF2005 densification

  12. Status report of the Time series Analysis SP (Kenyeres)

  13. EUVN_DA status report (Kenyeres)

  14. Status of EVRS realization (Ihde)   (a)  (b)

  15. EUREF-IP Project (Weber)

  16. Action Item TWG-Lisbom-43-08: "Enhancing EUREF" (Ihde, Söhne, Habrich)

  17. Action Item TWG-Lisbom-43-12: "Status report of SP Troposphere" (Habrich)

  18. Next TWG meeting (all)

  19. Summary and action items (Altamimi, Hornik)