Documents presented at the Lisboa TWG Meeting

5, 6 March 2007

Minutes                                                                                              Photos

  1. Opening (Altamimi)

  2. Minutes & action items of the 42nd TWG Meeting in Frankfurt (Hornik, all)

  3. EUREF Symposium 2007 (Cruddace, Greaves,Torres, Hornik)

  4. EUREF presentation at the IUGG 2007 General Assembly (Torres)

  5. EUREF Elections (Torres)

  6. EUREF – WEGENER Relationship (Altamimi)

    1. WEGENER Representative at the TWG

    2. Joint WG on European Velocity Field

  7. Report on joint ideas with WEGENER for proposals within FP7 and other financing bodies (Caporali)

  8. Report on GGOS Retreat (Altamimi)

  9. Complement to GGOS: Regional Densification (Ihde)

  10. EUREF/INSPIRE Relationship (Habrich)

  11. EC "Green Paper" on satellite navigation applications (Söhne)

  12. Enhancing EUREF (Ihde et al.)  (a)  (b)

  13. MoU EUREF-EUMETNET (Torres, Brockmann, van der Marel)  (a)  (b)  (c)

  14. ICG (Stangl, Torres)

  15. EPN status report (Bruyninx)

  16. EUREF-IP Status Report (Weber)

  17. RT activities at GOP - present and outlook (Dousa)

  18. Status report of the SP Troposphere (Söhne)

  19. Trimble Dimension 2006 conference (E. Brockmann)

  20. ITRF2005 and consequence for ETRF2005 (Altamimi)

  21. Status Analysis Reports (Habrich)

    1. Change since week 1400

    2. EPN long-term solution for ITRF2005 densification

    3. Near real time analysis

  22. EPN time series analysis after ITRF2000 (Kenyeres)

  23. EUVN_DA: preparation for closing (Kenyeres)

  24. Status of EVRS2007, ECGN (Ihde)

  25. Next TWG meeting

  26. Varia

  27. Summary and action items (Altamimi, Hornik)