Documents presented at the Frankfurt TWG Meeting

6, 7 November 2006

Minutes                                                                                                              Photo

  1. Opening (Altamimi)

  2. Minutes & action items of the TWG Meeting in Riga (Hornik, all)

  3. EUREF presentation at the IUGG 2007 General Assembly (Torres)

  4. EUREF - EUMETNET MoU (Torres)

  5. TOPO-EUROPE (Bruyninx, Torres)

  6. AFREF - Short Report on Technical Workshop - Cape Town (Altamimi, Weber)

  7. WEGENER - Short Report on last symposium (Bruyninx, Altamimi, Caporali)

  8. Short presentation on WEGENER/GEODAC activities (Fernandes)

  9. Short report on First ICG meeting of the UN (Torres, Stangl)

  10. EPN status report (Bruyninx)

  11. EUREF-IP, status and White Paper (Weber)

  12. Monitoring of real-time data streams (Bruyninx)

  13. Update of EPN guidelines (Bruyninx)

  14. Absolute antenna calibrations and ITRF2005 (Bruyninx)

  15. Discussion on intra-plate deformation and Post Glacial Rebound (Mäkinen)

  16. ITRF2005 and consequence for ETRF2005 (Altamimi)

  17. Status Analysis Reports (Habrich)

    1. EPN long-term solution for ITRF2005 densification

    2. EPN Rapid Analysis proposal

    3. ESEAS cooperation

  18. Filtering and predicting time series (Caporali)

  19. Status of EVRS (UELN, ECGN, IAG ICP1.2) (Ihde)

  20. Short status report on EUVN_DA (Kenyeres)

  21. Enhancing EUREF (Ihde et al.)

    1. Integration of geodetic systems and techniques (GNSS/Height/Gravity)

    2. New products/fields within EUREF

    3. Link to other geo-disciplines

    4. Policy aspects

  22. Next TWG meeting

  23. 2007 EUREF Symposium

  24. Summary and action items (Altamimi, Hornik)