Documents presented at the Riga TWG Meeting

13 June 2006

Minutes                                                                                                           Photos

  1. Opening (Altamimi)

  2. Minutes & action items of the TWG Meeting in Padova

  3. GRF2006 symposium and FIG congress in Munich (Altamimi)

  4. AFREF - Some information on installation og GNSS stations and letter (Torres)

  5. Validation Campaign:

    1. Bulgaria 2004 (Georgiev)

    2. Improvement and extension of EUREF89 in Latvia and Lithuania based on NGK 2003 GPS campaign (Jivall, Kaminskis, Parseliunas)

  6. Status of ITRF2005 (Altamimi)

  7. European Dense Velocity Field (Altamimi)

  8. EPN Analysis Report (Habrich)

  9. Absolute antenna calibrations used by IGS and EPN (Brockmann)

  10. New realization of EVRS 2007 (Ihde)

  11. Status report on EUVN-DA (Kenyeres)

  12. Special Project Troposphere Status Report (Habrich for Söhne)

  13. EUREF-IP Status report (Dettmering)

  14. EUREF and gravity (Simek)

  15. UN International Committee on GNSS (IGC) (Simek)

  16. Current status of INSPIRE drafting teams (Habrich)

  17. EUREF Symposium 2006 - Riga

  18. EUREF Symposium 2007 - London

  19. NKG regarding membership of EUREF TWG

  20. Varia

  21. Review of action items