Documents presented at the Padova TWG Meeting

13 - 14 March 2006


  1. Opening 

  2. Minutes and Action Items

  3. GRF2006 symposium and FIG congress in Munich (Altamimi)

  4. General Information (Torres)

  5. EUREF Contribution to AREF (Torres)

  6. Central Bureau Report (Bruyninx)

  7. Status of ITRF2005 (Altamimi)

  8. Status Report on Time Series Special Project (Kenyeres)

  9. Status of EPN multiwear solution for the ITRF2005 densification (Habrich)

  10. Special Project Troposphere Status Report (Weber)

  11. EUREF-IP Status Report (Weber)

  12. NTRIP symposium (Weber)

  13. Integration of real-time data into EPN (Bruyninx)

  14. Status of the GPS-Meteorology projects TOUCH and E-GVAP (Brockmann, vdMarel)

  15. Short info on GGOS (Altamimi)

  16. Enhancing EUREF (Ihde)

  17. Status report on EUVN-DA (Kenyeres)

  18. Status reports on EUREF height projects and the ECGN (Ihde)

  19. Results of the adjustment of the precise leveling around the Baltic (Mäkinen)

  20. EUREF contribution to the Tsunami Risk Research Group Europe (Stangl)

  21. Next EUREF symposia (Torres)

  22. Review of Action items (Altamimi)