Documents presented at the Berne TWG Meeting

7 - 8 November  2005

Agenda and Participants  

  1. Opening (Altamimi)

  2. Minutes of the 38th TWG Meeting in Vienna (Hornik)

  3. Commission 1 meeting in Cairns (Torres, Ihde, Altamimi)

    1. GRF2006 symposium and FIG congress in Munich

    2. EUREF-FIG common sessions

  4. General information (Torres)

    1. Representative of Commission 1 in WEGENER

    2. EUREF web site

    3. Next Symposia

    4. Legal entity for EUREF?

  5. Activities of the ISO/TC 211 - Registry (Ihde)

  6. AFREF - Call for participation (Altamimi)

  7. Status of ITRF2004 (Altamimi)

  8. Status of EPN multiyear solution for ITRF2004 (Habrich)

  9. Coordinate comparisons at the borders of Germany, Austria and Switzerland (Brockman)

  10. EPN CB report (Bruyninx)

  11. Updates of Guidelines for EPN Data Centers (Bruyninx)

  12. The CODE MoU (Gurtner)

  13. Special Project Troposphere Status Report (Weber)

  14. EUREF-IP Pilot Project (Weber)

  15. Steeming GNSS data over the internet, EUREF&RTCM Ntrip Workshop/Conference, Feb 05 (Weber)

  16. A first look at the RTCM DGPS corrections broadcast within the EUREF-IP project (Caporali)

  17. Processing of high-rate data (Stangl)

  18. Status of INSPIRE (Habrich)

  19. ESEAS 3rd Call for Participation and Workshop 2005 (Habrich)

    1. Third Call for participation in the ESEAS

    2. EUREF proposal for Participation to ESEAS

  20. Height projects (UELN, ECGN, IAG ICP1.2) (Ihde)

  21. Results of the adjustment of the precise levellings around the Baltic (Mäkinen)

  22. Short information on EUPOS (Simek)

  23. Next TWG Meeting