Documents presented at the Vienna TWG Meeting

May  31, 2005


  1. Opening (Altamimi)

  2. Minutes of the 37th TWG Meeting in Brussels (Hornik)

  3. General Information (Torres)

    1. Terms of Reference

    2. Mid-term report to IAG

    3. Tsunamis research in Europe

  4. INSPIRE and EUREF (Torres)

  5. EUREF Guidelines (Torres)

  6. Update of the ETRS89 questionnaire (Ihde)

  7. ITRF2004 status (Altamimi)

  8. EPN CB report (Bruyninx)

  9. EPN Analysis Progress (Habrich)

    1. Usage of Bernese 5.0 for EPN

    2. Test of daily sub-network combination

    3. Benefits of GLONASS observations for EPN

    4. EPN contribution to ITRF2004 densification

  10. Report on Time Series Special Project (Kenyeres)

  11. Special Project Troposphere Status Report (Söhne)

  12. EUREF-IP Pilot Project (Weber)

  13. Report on 2nd IGS GNSS WG7Galileo Project meeting (Gurtner, v. d. Marel)

  14. Absolute Gravity observations and the ECGN (Gurtner)

  15. Status and next steps of UELN, ECGN, EVRS (Ihde)

  16. Report of EUVN-DA (Kenyeres)

  17. The Status of the Baltic Levelling Ring (Mäkinen)

  18. Programme of EUREF Symposium (Torres, Hornik)

  19. Organization of EUREF Symposium (Höggerl, Pesec)

  20. Varia

    1. Next TWG meeting