Documents presented at the Brussels TWG Meeting

March  14 – 15, 2005


  1. Minutes of the 36th TWG Meeting in Prague (Hornik)

  2. ETRS89 Questionnaire

  3. Certification: legal aspects

  4. Legal Entity of EUREF (Ihde)

  5. ISO Registration Authority (Ihde)

  6. EUREF, GGOS and ongoing international activities (GEO/GEOSS, GMES, INSPIRE) (Boucher)

  7. Galileo proposals - GGSP

  8. GeoNet Proposal (Nothnagel)

  9. Special Project Troposphere Parameter Estimation, Status Report (Söhne)

  10. EUREF-IP Pilot Project (Weber)

  11. Status of the EUMETNET Project E-GVAP (European GPS Water Vapour) (v. d. Marel)

  12. EUREF contribution to ITRF2004 densification

  13. EPN CB Report (Bruyninx)

  14. EPN Analysis Progress (Habrich)

  15. Maintenance of EUREF non-permanent stations (Torres)

  16. Computing ETRS89 coordinates of non EPN Permanent Sites (Caporali)

  17. Joint adjustment of Nordic levelling networks: Status report (Mäkinen)

  18. UELN Status (Ihde)

  19. Current works of the ExG G of EuroGeographics (Ihde)

  20. Next EUREF Symposium in Vienna (Ihde)

  21. Varia

    1. IGS GNSS WG Meeting, March 17, ESOC

    2. EG Interproject Meeting, Paris, Feb. 2005

    3. CGSIC-IISC Meeting, Prague, 14-15 March 2005

    4. EUPOS SC Meeting, Prague, 11-12 April 2005

    5. Next TWG meetings